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Blue Light Protection

Mission Vision: Blue Light Protection in San Antonio

Computer Vision Syndrome

Blue light is everywhere but, unfortunately, the eye isn’t very good at blocking it, virtually letting all visible blue light pass through the cornea and the lens to get to the retina.

The Problem with Blue Light

Blue light can be harmful to the health because it can interfere with your sleep. Too much blue light exposure can also damage the retina’s light-sensitive cells. That damage can resemble changes in the eye similar to the effects of macular degeneration, a condition that can lead to permanent loss of vision.

On a milder level, blue light strains the eye because it’s of the short-wavelength, high-variety type that scatters more easily compared to other kinds of visible light. This means when you’re looking at your computer screen or smartphone display, you’re looking at unfocused visual “noise” that is low in contrast, which strains the eye and causes discomfort.

vision 34 min 200×300Blue Light Vision Protection

Aside from using a blue light filter on your device, you can also protect your eyes by taking advantage of Mission Vision’s specially designed eyeglasses that provide blue light vision protection. These specialized eyeglasses are available with or without prescription, making them useful as well to those who don’t require vision correction or are already wearing contact lenses.

Enjoy Dependable Eye Care in San Antonio

As an eye care center in San Antonio TX, Mission Vision offers a range of comfortable and stylish products and aimed at helping you achieve your best vision. To learn more about your options for blue light vision protection, give us a call today at (210) 315-5559.