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Tips on Buying Eye-Friendly Toys for Your Kids

1511154008Tips on Buying Eye Friendly Toys for Your Kids

Your children’s eyes need to be stimulated to ensure their normal development. What better way to do this than to let your kids play with toys? That said, around 250,000 toy-related eye injuries occur annually.

As we celebrate Safe Toys and Gifts Awareness Month this December, let your reliable eye doctor from Mission Vision share some eye safety tips when buying children’s toys.

Check the Label

Most toys are classified according to their recommended age group, which you can usually see on their labels. This means they are intentionally designed to accommodate your children’s developmental needs. Rattles, balls and colorful mobiles with large pieces, for example, help enhance newborns’ visual reflexes, eye coordination and focusing abilities. It’s also important to check for the seal of the American Society for Testing and Materials. This means that the toy complies with national safety standards.

Avoid Sharp-Edged Toys

Toys with projectile functions and sharp edges, like arrows, darts and airsoft guns, may seem appealing to your kids. However, playing with these kinds of toys can cause corneal abrasions and traumatic cataracts. If your child sustains eye injuries, take them to your trusted eye clinic as soon as possible. We’ll perform eye exams to assess the extent of the trauma and provide appropriate treatment.

Consider the Toy’s Size

Size matters when it comes to buying children’s toys. Since your kids are still developing their grasp and fine motor skills, letting them play with large toys may be best right now. Bigger toys usually have a sturdier structure, making them less likely to break while being used.

Help Your Kids Pick Their Safety Glasses

Another effective way to keep your children’s eyes safe is to have them use protective eyeglasses. They are often made of polycarbonate, known for its superior durability and impact-bearing properties. Wearing them can prevent direct trauma to your kids’ delicate eyes.

For more helpful tips on choosing eye-friendly toys for your kids, call us at (210) 315-5559. You may also complete our form to request an appointment. We serve San Antonio and nearby TX areas.