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Tips for Keeping Your Eyes Healthy This Fall

1507546256Tips for Keeping Your Eyes Healthy This Fall

Autumn is definitely a great time to watch the colorful leaves, go for a nature walk, or simply enjoy the outdoors. This season, however, is also linked to higher incidences of eye allergies and other eye conditions. Let Mission Vision, your reliable eye care center, share some eye care tips to maintain your eye health this time of the year.

Savor the Eye-Friendly Foods of Autumn

With its captivating scenery and cozy weather, fall is a perfect time to enjoy eye-friendly foods. Some in-season fruits you should try are apples, oranges, and pears. They contain high levels of vitamin C, which helps strengthen your immune system, reducing your risk of eye conditions.

Remember That Contact Lenses Need a Prescription

With Halloween just around the corner, you may already be preparing your costume. You may also be thinking about buying decorative contact lenses for a more realistic effect. Before doing so, make sure to consult your optometrist. Keep in mind that all forms of contact lenses must come with a prescription. We may perform a comprehensive eye exam first and check if your pair is safe to use.

Always Keep Your Eyes Protected

Dry eyes and eye allergies are common problems during fall. They may cause your eyes to become red, itchy, and watery. One effective way of preventing these problems is to use protective eyewear when going out. The lenses serve as a shield, preventing plant debris and drying winds from coming into contact with your eyes. You should also wear a pair when raking fallen leaves in your yard or doing other outdoor chores.

Visit Your Eye Care Specialist

Apart from outdoor sports and activities, fall is also the perfect time to have your eyes checked by your trusted eye care specialist. Doing so is an effective way of maintaining your visual health, no matter the season. It creates opportunities for early detection and management of vision problems, so you can better see the season’s beautiful foliage. If you are currently using corrective eyewear, we may also assess your need for a lens upgrade. We may evaluate if you are a good LASIK candidate as well.

For more fall eye care tips, call us at (210) 315-5559. You may also complete our contact form to request an appointment. We serve San Antonio and nearby TX areas.