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Things to Expect During an Eye Exam


At Mission Vision, our goal is to help you maintain stable visual health by providing individualized eye care. Undergoing comprehensive eye exams regularly is a good start. It can help in the early detection and prompt treatment of underlying eye conditions. For your understanding, here is an overview of what happens during one

Detailed History Taking

We may start by asking questions about your past and present medical history. This may include conditions, medications, and procedures which may have affected your eye health. Since heredity is a common risk factor for most vision problems, we may also ask about your relatives’ medical histories. This can help us create an effective management plan, serving as our guide to establishing the best approach to maintain your eyesight.

Undergoing Different Eye Tests and Procedure

Your trusted eye doctor will then prepare some eye tests based on your current eye health, personal history, and associated risks. This will allow us to assess your various eye structures and their respective functions. This often involves performing a visual acuity test wherein we’ll ask you to stand at a distance while you read alphanumeric symbols from the Snellen chart. It measures how sharp your eyesight is, letting us check for any signs of refractive errors. We may also have you undergo imaging tests and other definitive procedures to help us identify any underlying eye conditions.

Discussing Your Eye Exam Findings and Our Recommendations

At Mission Vision, we believe that having a solid understanding of your eyesight is essential to achieving better visual health. This is why we make sure to explain your eye exam results and our recommendations in detail. We also encourage that you ask any questions you have.

If we find signs of refractive errors, for example, we’ll discuss how eyeglasses and contact lenses can improve your vision. We have a large selection of specs and lenses available in various colors, styles, and designs. Rest assured we’ll help you pick the best pair that addresses your eye care needs, fits your lifestyle, and suits your preferences.