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The Importance of Back-To-School Eye Exams


Within just a few weeks’ time, summer will end and the back-to-school season will begin. Apart from preparing your children’s school supplies and clothes, Mission Vision would also like to remind you to schedule an appointment for their routine eye exams. Let your trusted eye care center discuss some important reasons kids should have their eyes checked before school resumes.

Many Eye Conditions Develop During Childhood

Children’s young and developing eyes make them vulnerable to various eye conditions. Some of these problems do not show any manifestations, making prompt detection a challenge. Having your kids undergo routine eye exams allows us to easily identify sight-threatening conditions. This way, we will be able to manage them immediately, giving us a better chances of preserving your child’s eyesight.

Kids Don’t Easily Recognize Vision Errors

Children often have a hard time recognizing visual irregularities. Studies even show that one out of four kids may have undetected vision problems. Through a professional eye exam, we use our experience, knowledge and advanced instruments to check for signs of underlying vision problems. It is also important to be observant of your kids’ habits. Sitting too close to the TV, for example, may indicate nearsightedness. We may prescribe corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses for their better visual acuity.

Better Academic Performance and Quality of Life

Your child’s eyesight plays a central role in their learning and development. By having routine back-to-school eye exams, we can monitor any changes in their visual capacity over time and provide necessary interventions to keep their eyes in great condition. This way, they won’t have problems reading lessons from the board, writing their notes or even playing with other kids.

For premiere eye care services, turn to Mission Vision. Apart from comprehensive eye exams, we also offer LASIK co-management, high-quality eyewear and dry eye treatment. Call us today or complete our form to schedule an appointment for you and your family. We serve San Antonio and nearby TX areas.