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Ray-Ban®: An Interesting History

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At Mission Vision, we do our best to hold true to our mission of giving you excellent customer service through our fine eyewear collection. Not only do we have high-quality contact lenses, we are also proud to offer glasses from one of the most well-regarded names in the industry: Ray-Ban®. Today, we discuss the brand’s interesting history and signature features.


In 1929, U.S. Army Air Corp Colonel John A. Macready asked Bausch and Lomb, a large and well-known company of eye-health products, to design sunglasses customized for pilots. He wanted a pair that could subdue the sky’s intense white and blue colors, so pilots wouldn’t be easily distracted. Bausch and Lomb delivered and made an aviator type of sunglasses with green-tinted lenses and plastic frames.

What’s now popularly known a “anti-glare,” this signature eyewear effectively cut down specific spectra of light while giving the user excellent vision. Impact-resistant features were added to aviator sunglasses in 1938. A year later, they remodeled this design to have metal frames and Kalichrome lenses. This type of lense can filter blue rays and sharpen details, allowing pilots see clearly even in foggy and misty conditions. Your eye-care center shares that this innovation was later patented as the iconic Ray-Ban Aviator™.

Premier Collections

For more than 80 years now, Ray-Ban has been a household name when it comes to premier eyewear. The brand’s signature Aviator line is available in different lens tints, including mirror, gradient and classic. You also have the freedom to choose your frame material.

The metal option is known for its reliable hypoallergenic properties while the acetate variety is well-lauded for its use of renewable sources to create durable plastic. All pieces of eyewear can be customized as well to suit your needs and match your preferences. While known for their sunglasses, Ray-Ban has also ventured into creating prescription eyeglass frames.

For trusted eye care, turn to Mission Vision. Apart from high-quality eyewear, we also provide LASIK co-management, comprehensive eye exams and more. Call us today or complete our form to request an appointment and learn more about our products and services. We serve San Antonio and nearby communities in Texas.