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4 Care Tips for Corrective Eyewear

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Corrective eyewear is a necessity in the daily lives of those with visual impairments. This is why Mission Vision emphasizes the importance of taking good care of your eyeglasses and contact lenses. Let the newest eye care center share four ways to properly do so.

1. Thorough Hand Washing is Priority

Hand-eye transmission of eye infections or irritations can easily be prevented by observing proper handwashing practices. Use an antimicrobial or mild, non-cosmetic soap when doing so. Dry your hands thoroughly with a lint-free towel afterward.

2. Clean Them Regularly

When it comes to cleaning your contact lenses, make sure to use a freshly-poured, recommended solution always. Other cleaning solvents might be incompatible with your lens material and may even cause damage. You may rub them against your palm or in between your fingers to remove surface deposits. For your eyeglasses, you may use tap water and a small amount of liquid detergent to clean them. Make sure to rinse them thoroughly afterward and dry them with a lint-free towel.

3. Replace Them as Recommended

Contact lenses have different prescribed wearing times. It is important to change them accordingly to prevent lens wear-induced infections. On the other hand, your high-quality eyeglasses can last for years with proper care and maintenance. You have the option to re-use your frames and just replace the lenses if your prescription changes.

4. Put Them Back in Their Respective Cases When Not in Use

To prevent damage to your eyewear, remember to keep them in their respective cases when not in use. This is a reliable way to prevent tears on your contact lenses and scratches on your eyeglasses. We also suggest cleaning your cases regularly and replacing them at least once every three months.

Apart from prescription eyewear, we also offer premier LASIK co-management services as a lasting solution to vision errors. For more tips on proper care for your eyewear, call us today at (210) 315-5559. We welcome every opportunity to help families in San Antonio and nearby TX areas achieve better visual health.